What you need to explain to your child about safety on social networks

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The modern world is becoming increasingly digital, and many children become users of social networks at a very early age. While we adults can manage our privacy and information, children may be less knowledgeable in this area. Safety on social networks is a topic that is important to explain to every child.

1. Saving personal information:

First, children need to understand that some information, such as full name, address, phone number, school information, etc., is confidential and should not be shared publicly on social media. Children should know that even a simple status or photo can contain valuable information for attackers.

2. Availability of parental supervision:

It is important to explain to children that their parent or guardian should be aware of and have access to their social media accounts. This will help parents monitor their children’s activity and promptly respond to potentially dangerous situations.

3. Publishing photos and videos:

Children must understand that any photo or video they post on the Internet may remain there forever. They should be careful NOT to post material that is too personal or dangerous.

4. Communication with strangers:

Children should be taught that they should not accept friend requests or communicate with strangers on social media. It is important to note that online friendships should be limited to acquaintances only.

5. Suspicious messages:

It is impossible to protect against suspicious or dangerous messages. Therefore, children should know that if they encounter such messages, they should immediately inform their parents or teachers. Ask if they know how to block or hide such messages.

6. Contents and resources:

When talking to children about social media, emphasize the importance of choosing safe and responsible resources. Explain to them that there is a lot of useful and interesting content on the Internet, but there is also harmful content.

In closing, it is important to note that using social media should be a safe and responsible process. Parents should be supportive of their children and always be willing to talk to them about their online activities. Children’s safety on social networks is the shared responsibility of parents, teachers, and the children themselves, and only an open and trusting dialogue will help protect them from possible dangers.

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