Ports in programming: an important component for young developers

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Welcome to the GoMother IT school website! Ports in programming is our topic today, which is important for our young developers to understand.

Ports in programming: what are they?

Ports can be divided into two main categories: physical and software.

Physical ports are specific physical connectors on computers or other devices that allow you to connect different devices. For example, USB ports, HDMI ports, audio jacks, etc.

Ports in programming

Software ports, otherwise known as “TCP/IP ports” or “network ports”, are virtual points used to exchange data between applications over a network. Each software port has a unique number that identifies it on the network.

What are ports for?

Ports are an important element of programming and have various uses. The main purposes of ports include:

  • Connecting to Devices: Physical ports allow you to connect various devices to your computer, such as mice, keyboards, printers, monitors, etc.
  • Communication between programs: Software ports allow different programs to exchange data over the network. This is especially important for web development, where servers and clients communicate over network ports.

What does a virtual port look like?

A virtual port is a logical object that does not have a physical form. It can be thought of as a virtual channel for data transmission. It is characterized by a number and protocol. For example, the virtual port type could be ‘’, where ‘’ is the IP address and ’80’ is the port number.

What can you do with the port?

There are many possibilities associated with ports:

  • Creating a Server: Developers can create servers that accept requests on a specific port and process them by sending a response.
  • Creating a client: Ports allow programs to connect to other servers and send requests to receive data.
    Block or filter traffic: Network administrators can use ports to set access rules and filter traffic passing through the network.
  • Network Application Development: Virtual ports are a key element for creating network applications such as web servers, chat servers, online games, etc.

In this article, we covered the basics of ports in programming, their importance, and their applications. Ports are an essential element for any developer working with networks and devices. Understanding this topic will help our students develop their programming and networking skills. And if your child also has a thirst to learn programming, we invite you to the GoMother IT school. We have a wide selection of destinations and a schedule that is convenient for you. Lessons are held online or at our school at Akademgorodok metro station, Zhitomirskaya metro station.

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