Summer is the time to catch up on the school curriculum

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Finding a math tutor is a task that parents of Ukrainian schoolchildren often face. In a situation of full-scale war, many children experienced problems due to relocation and loss of access to the curriculum. Summer vacation has begun, so it is important to find effective ways to catch up on missed material and prepare your child for the new school year.

As a result of the war, Ukrainian schoolchildren experienced several problems in education. Many of them were forced to leave the country with their families. These children study in schools abroad but often continue their studies remotely in Ukrainian schools. However, the parallel study of two educational programs becomes an extremely difficult task. Studying in such an intensive mode leads to an overload of schoolchildren, who do not always have time to complete all homework. In the case when parents choose foreign education, children may have large gaps in learning the Ukrainian language, literature, and history, as well as problems with grades in these subjects after returning to Ukraine.

The situation is not easier for those schoolchildren who remained in Ukraine. Most of them have switched to distance learning, but distance learning is not a substitute for full face-to-face contact with a teacher and can lead to missing material or not understanding complex concepts.

Finding a math tutor can be a useful solution

A tutor will provide additional support and help you learn material that was missed or not understood in school. They can work individually with the child, taking into account his characteristics and needs.

There are various resources you can use to find a math tutor. One way is to search for suitable tutor profiles on specialized web platforms such as,, or On these platforms, you will find a large number of tutors with different skill levels and experience.

You can also listen to recommendations from other parents, friends, or work colleagues. Other parents who have looked for tutors for their children can give useful tips and recommendations from their own experience.

Alternatively, you can contact GoMother School. We have tutors for all school subjects. At the first lesson, we will test your child’s level and choose a lesson plan to make up for what he missed. Such an individual approach gives high results already in a short period.

Search for a tutor in mathematics. When choosing a math tutor, you should pay attention to the following criteria:

  1. Experience and qualifications of a tutor in mathematics.
  2. Ratings and reviews from previous students or parents.
  3. Matching the tutor’s methodology to your needs and your child’s learning style.
  4. Flexibility in scheduling classes and availability for your family.
  5. The cost of classes and your budget. Feel free to chat with several tutors, and ask them about their teaching approach and class schedule to find the one that is the best fit for your child.

In addition to finding a tutor, several online resources and materials can be useful for self-studying math.

Here are some recommendations:

  • Video lessons and online courses: The Internet is full of free math video lessons that can be useful for self-study. Websites such as Khan Academy, Coursera, and YouTube provide a large number of math video lessons of varying difficulty.
  • Websites with math exercises: Some websites, such as Mathway, Wolfram Alpha, and Brilliant, provide the ability to solve math exercises and get detailed solutions. They can be useful for the independent study of various mathematical concepts and for checking their calculations.
  • Math Forums and Communities: Participating in math forums and communities can be a great resource for self-studying math. In such forums, you can ask questions, discuss mathematical concepts with other students, and get help solving problems. For example, Math Stack Exchange is a popular math forum with an active community.

But don’t forget that math is not the only subject that can be improved during the summer holidays. English also requires additional attention and training. If you feel that your level of English needs improvement, finding a tutor for that language is also a useful step. GoMother offers tutors who specialize in teaching English. They will help you improve grammar, vocabulary, and communication skills. It is worth remembering that summer vacations are created specifically for the child’s rest, so additional classes should occupy a small part of the child’s time.

Summer with benefits!

If the child has mastered the school program and there is no need to repeat the material, we suggest that you organize a fun and useful leisure time for the student. GoMother School offers many options. For example, an IT-intensive every Saturday, where children learn Python programming, and Photoshop and learn to be YouTube bloggers. And for those who can’t go without music, we created “Summer with music”, where we teach solfeggio, vocals, and playing a musical instrument (cello, guitar, piano).

Spend the summer fun and useful no matter what with us!

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