How to entertain a child in the summer?

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In the summer, when children have long holidays, it is important not only to provide them with fun leisure activities. But also to organize their free days interestingly. There are many opportunities for active and educational recreation, one of them is a camp for children. GoMother School is offering a range of exciting programs this summer to keep your child entertained and productive.

Camp for children – IT-intensive

Before considering individual programs, it is worth mentioning the summer IT-intensive. Which takes place every Saturday at the GoMother school. We invite children from 8 years old to dive into the incredible world of Python programming, learn how to create incredible collages in Photoshop and become real YouTube bloggers. Summer IT-intensive provides a unique opportunity to develop creativity, logical thinking, and skills in working with modern technologies.

Summer school for first graders

For younger students, especially first graders, we are organizing a summer school for first graders in 2023. This program aims to provide opportunities for first graders to catch up on lost knowledge or gain knowledge that they did not acquire in first grade. Summer school participants for first graders spend time in a learning and entertaining environment where they can improve their reading, writing, math, and English skills. In addition, the program provides interesting programming lessons, as well as active walks on the street with elements of quests, relay races, and team games.

Summer with music

And for those who are interested in music, the GoMother school offers the “Summer with Music” program. This course will allow children to master musical instruments, learn more about solfeggio and learn to sing. We invite young musicians and music lovers to immerse themselves in the world of art. Where they can discover their talents and develop musical skills.

To sum up, GoMother School offers a variety of programs to keep kids entertained during the summer. Summer IT-intensive allows children to delve into the world of programming and technology. The Summer School for First Graders helps younger students prepare for the new school year. And the program “Summer with Music” gives children the opportunity to unleash their creative potential in the field of music. By choosing one of these programs, you give your child a fun and educational summer vacation that will remain in his memory for a long time.

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