How to choose a programming language to study?

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Programming courses for children.

Choosing a programming language to learn can be difficult because there are many different languages on the market with different approaches and applications.

Python learning courses
Python learning courses

Here are some tips to help you choose a programming language to learn:

  • Start with simple languages: If you are new to programming, it is recommended to start with simpler languages like Python or JavaScript. These languages are very popular, have a simple syntax and are used in various fields such as web development, machine learning, scientific research and others. We offer courses to learn Python from the age of 9. This course aims to develop skills in clean code writing and algorithm development. The relatively simple syntax is suitable for children’s lessons.
  • Choose a language based on your goals: If you already have specific goals, such as creating a website or mobile app, choose a programming language that is used for that industry. For example, Java or Kotlin is recommended for developing mobile applications on Android, and Swift for iOS. We offer an application development course in the Java programming language for teenagers from 12 years old.
  • Learn about different languages: Before choosing a language, research different programming languages, their syntax, features and applications. This will help you understand which language you want to learn and how well it suits your needs. We offer a free trial lesson so that the child understands whether this programming language and this course are suitable for him.

    Application development course in the Java programming language
    Application development course in the Java programming language
  • Compare programming languages: Compare different programming languages in terms of complexity, popularity, availability of documentation, number of learning resources, and career development.
  • Learn more than one language: Learning more than one language can help you expand your knowledge and develop more skills.

Programming courses for children give you the opportunity to choose a programming language that suits you.


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