How to win the trust of children?

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The extended day group Akademgorodok takes place at the school, usually with another teacher. Children see the first teacher for 5 lessons in a row and already have time to get used to her during this time. The teacher acquires a special approach, gets to know and interests. For students, this is their first school mom, whom they undoubtedly trust.

The extended day group has its own teacher. When first-graders first come to class, they feel a little uncomfortable: a different person with their own approach and teaching methods. Of course, this is a small fear for a child.

 Група продовженого дня Академмістечко
Extended day group Academgorodok

What should the teacher do in this case when he meets the student for the first time and wants to win his trust?

Our primary school tutor GoMother also asked himself the same question. After years of practice and communication with children, he is ready to share his life hacks.

The student’s trust is the most valuable reward a teacher can receive. It has been created over the years, with a non-standard approach and the teacher’s interest in the matter. This path is not easy, but the result justifies its expectations.

Who is the owner?

Often teachers simply have their students their authority. “I’m an adult, so you have to obey me!”. Such an approach is meaningless. A child will never begin to trust just because you want to feel authority.

To completely give free rein to the child and cater to his interests is also a bad option. This is where collaboration is important. There should be a golden mean in the teacher-student relationship.

 Група продовженого дня Академмістечко | Репетитор академмістечко/житомирська | репетитор початкових класів
Extended day group Academgorodok | Tutor Akademgorodok/Zhytomyr | primary school tutor | Tutoring center


Acquaintance is an important stage in communication. When there are many students in the class, the teacher tries to remember the last name and first name. But the teacher will know at least one fact about him as a big bonus.

For example, his hobby. Thus, you can not only set up a friendly contact, but remember each child.

Praise the youth and they will prosper!

Everyone has long been convinced that motivation with a “carrot” is better than a “stick”. A child is an unformed personality with a sensitive psyche. Students need to be praised. Believe me, there is always a reason. Encouragement uplifts and inspires new achievements. Share your smile and it will come back to you more than once. Sometimes you don’t need to make a large-scale plan how to win the trust of a student, everything is much simpler.

Smile! Seeing the same feedback, it will be more comfortable to study.

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